The Threat of Info Leakage Though Data at Rest windows starter to professional upgrade key

13 Jun 2012

Nowadays several pc customers aren’t a great deal aware on the risks and sorts of attacks that may target their files and details. Nevertheless data security awareness normally covered and influenced by numerous myths and misleading perception. A well-known myth among pc users is “my information windows starter to professional upgrade key is safe though my laptop is off and accessing it’ll call for my password” and as you would guess that is not quit correct. This false perception will lead to a vast of threats and attack that targets data and info. Below are some details which defeat that myth and methods to exploit and benefit from it:

1. Data is just not encrypted in personal computer systems by default, thus, any digital forensics expert can retrieve your data from your tricky disk even if it was protected with windows login password.

2. Access your information at rest does not need a rare expertise, the truth is, for those who boot your computer having a Linux reside CD you’d be able to bypass windows authentication password and access all your saved files and folders. (Attempt it your self!)

3. Windows authentication approach is weak and there are several totally free tools online which can rest any windows password or even log you in without having a password, look into Kon-boot bootable tool which will magically let you inside any Windows operating technique.

4. For those who lose your laptop or someone steals it your information might be at a terrific risk as they are going to attempt out all the procedures above to locate out what files sits on your challenging disk.

The above exploitation procedures are widely readily available as well as the world wide web makes it simply accessible for malicious attackers or just script kiddies. Data technologies community and security authorities must all contribute to assist raise the info security awareness and bring focus to several of the important vulnerabilities caused by false security perception upgrade key windows 7 starter . Moreover, there are numerous approaches to mitigate from the attacks that target data-at-rest. A single example of that is certainly the usage of files and folder encryption and applying a strong authentication process. Security computer software like Folder Lock will help you safeguard your sensitive data with powerful AES 256-bit encryption which will make non of the attacks talked about above gets close to your information and files. Folder Lock also supports far more advanced options like hiding itself inside the program, so no one knows that you are using a security computer software nor you might have encrypted your secret files.

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